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Tue Sep 26 2023

Arbitrum Portal

NOTE: The new Arbitrum Portal is live!

Welcome to the Arbitrum Portal, your gateway to the leading Layer 2 ecosystem built on top of the leading Layer 1 blockchain, Ethereum. The Arbitrum Portal provides an inclusive place for the Arbitrum and Ethereum communities to discover the vibrant app ecosystem created by developers and companies of all sizes from around the world. Explore the 600+ apps spanning verticals such as DeFi, Gaming, NFTs, Bridges, Dev Tooling, and more to truly realize the scale of the flourishing community.

Here are just a few reasons why the Arbitrum Portal is essential to the ecosystem:

  • With sophisticated search and categorization features, apps of all scales have the opportunity to be discovered and utilized
  • Rotating Community Talks and the Spotlight feature highlight new and flourishing apps within the ecosystem.
  • Whether you’re an app, user, developer, or just a curious ecosystem member, the navigation bar quickly gets you to your destination.

Feature walkthrough

Portal homepage

The portal homepage has been completely overhauled to showcase projects in the Arbitrum ecosystem and serve as a hub for quick access to education resources and developer tools for learning about, and building on Arbitrum.

Projects homepage

Highlighting amazing projects is essential to the new app discovery experience. In a vast sea of projects, curation provides direction for interesting use cases on Arbitrum. The Community Spotlight was introduced for this purpose and is updated weekly to keep things fresh. The Community Talks section also features insightful AMAs containing exciting information on projects building in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Category pages


In web3, there are numerous use-cases to explore. Breaking them down into category pages offers an easy way to navigate the different realms of crypto. Each category page further displays all related subcategories to help you find what you’re searching for more easily.

Project panels

While mechanisms for app curation and filtering are valuable, getting to know the project you’re interested in is equally important. The new portal includes dedicated side panels for each project, offering more information than before, including human-readable descriptions, demo videos, and more.

Moving forward, the Arbitrum portal will listen to the community and continue refining the user experience with an objective of fostering the ecosystem, providing a unified platform for all Arbitrum-based applications.

If you’d like to add your project to the portal, click here!

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