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Welcome to Arbitrum DAO

Your Gateway to Decentralized Excellence, Where Community Shapes Tomorrow's Innovations.

The Vision of Arbitrum DAO

Arbitrum DAO's governance is built for direct impact. Votes shape on-chain actions, cutting out intermediaries. A community-driven process empowering the ecosystem with straightforward, impactful decision-making.

What it means for the users?

Decentralized Governance

The decentralization leap in Arbitrum DAO marks a pivotal shift toward community-driven governance. By introducing the $ARB token, users gain voting power to influence key decisions, advancing the network's security and evolution. This initiative fosters a collaborative ecosystem where participants actively contribute to shaping the decentralized infrastructure of Arbitrum DAO.

Decentralization Leap

What’s in for You?

Discover project showcases, collaboration opportunities, and a hub for decentralized knowledge. Engage with diverse projects, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to the decentralized community. Explore, collaborate, innovate!

Dive into the Arbitrum DAO Ecosystem

Explore the cutting-edge technologies that power Arbitrum DAO’s ecosystem. From Nitro’s advanced call data compression to efficient Rollup solutions, innovative Stylus programming languages, secure Anytrust mechanisms, and the limitless possibilities of Orbit for launching Layer 3 blockchains. Dive into the possibilities of Arbitrum DAO technologies.

What it means for the users?

Arbitrum Nitro
A Scaling Solution

Arbitrum Nitro introduces four key innovations: interactive fraud proofs, sequencing, deterministic execution, and Ethereum compatibility. Transactions are processed by the Sequencer, ensuring correct chain state and outputs. This technology enables efficient Ethereum interactions.



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