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Get Started with Proposals in Arbitrum DAO Ecosystem

Welcome to the Proposal Hub, the central hub for engaging with proposals. Stay informed about the newest proposals, voting outcomes, delve into the delegate hub, and access real-time updates on delegate and proposal statuses.



Proposals represent community-driven initiatives aimed at improving the ecosystem. These initiatives span protocol development, integration, and liquidity enhancement. Proposals undergo community review and voting through platforms like Tally and Snapshot. Successful proposals receive rewards, recognition, and opportunities for collaboration within the Arbitrum DAO community. This process fosters innovation and growth, driving the evolution of Arbitrum DAO towards a more robust and inclusive decentralized ecosystem.


Initiate proposals in Arbitrum DAO with ease and access vital resources conveniently from one centralized guide.

IdeationSTEP 01


  • Start a Forum discussion for the proposal idea to take feedback
  • Engage with the community
Prerequisites​STEP 02


  • Have 0.01% of threshold votable tokens for Snapshot poll.
  • If you don’t possess voting threshold (about 0.1% of votable tokens) for Tally, ask delegates to propose on behalf of you.
Formal temperature check with a Snapshot pollSTEP 03

Formal temperature check with a Snapshot poll

  • Post your proposal on the DAO forum.
  • Create a poll on Snapshot to gauge interest.
  • Revise proposal based on community feedback.
On-chain Proposal SubmissionSTEP 04

On-chain Proposal Submission

  • If proposal passes check, submit on-chain with Tally.
  • 1M threshold voting power or take help from from delegates who can propose on behalf of you
  • Provide proposal details, Preview and submit.
Proposal VotingSTEP 05

Proposal Voting

  • Proposal passes if more votes are for than against.
  • Total votes must meet threshold (5% for Constitutional AIPs, 3% for non-Constitutional AIPs).
  • If passes, actions executed after delay.
Post-Proposal EvaluationSTEP 06

Post-Proposal Evaluation

  • If proposal fails, consider resubmission
  • Incorporate feedback before resubmitting.

Delegates Empowering Community Voices

Dive into comprehensive profiles of our esteemed delegates. Explore their backgrounds, experiences, and notable achievements within the Arbitrum DAO community.

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How to vote?

Navigating Voting in the Arbitrum DAO: Explore inclusive participation in on-chain and off-chain voting mechanisms, empowering community members of all roles to engage in decision-making.

How to vote?

Forums: Collaborative Community Spaces

Forums serve as vibrant hubs of discussion and collaboration within the Arbitrum DAO community. They provide spaces where community members, developers, and stakeholders can engage in open dialogue, share ideas, and discuss proposals. Forums enable participants to express their opinions, offer feedback, and contribute to the evolution of the ecosystem in a transparent and inclusive manner.