Introducing the Arbitrum Ambassador Program: Phase 1

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Tue Jun 13 2023

Introducing the Arbitrum Ambassador Program: Phase 1

Tldr; Students or university-based blockchain clubs that are interested in contributing to the Arbitrum community and representing Arbitrum on their local campus can now apply to join Phase 1 of the Arbitrum Ambassador Program here. Community members and developers should stay tuned for the next launch phase.

What are the different Phases?

The timeline for each Phase of the Arbitrum Ambassador Program is as follows:

Phase 1 — University-based Clubs and Students: Today

Phase 2 — Individuals (Community + Technical): Q3 2023

Phase 1 of the Arbitrum Ambassador Program has officially launched. Accepted applicants will be entered into the University Fleet, a collaborative group within the Ambassador Program focused on building, learning, and educating. As an Ambassador, you’ll grow professionally by creating content, hosting in-person events funded by the Arbitrum Foundation, and more. Other things you’ll be able to do as an ambassador include:

Propose initiatives for funding by the Foundation Represent Arbitrum as an official ambassador on your university campus, and beyond Make valuable contributions to the broader Arbitrum ecosystem Organize and host an Arbitrum satellite event in your region Phase 2 will provide a framework for community members and developers who are eager to represent the Arbitrum ecosystem but are not affiliated with a university. Ambassadors will have an opportunity to organize and host regional in-person events, develop content, build ecosystem tools, and learn more about Arbitrum technology by being involved in the Ambassador Program. Accepted applicants will be assigned to the Community Fleet or Technical Fleet, which are collaborative groups within the Ambassador Program focused on their respective niches.

What are the benefits of being an Arbitrum Ambassador?

By becoming an Arbitrum Ambassador you gain access to everything mentioned above, including the ability to:

  • Represent Arbitrum in your local community as an official ambassador
  • Work side-by-side with the ecosystem’s biggest protocols
  • Network with others and build your own professional portfolio
  • Learn about scaling and Layer 2 technologies from industry leaders
  • Have an impact on research related to tech and community ideas
  • We aim to maintain flexibility and relevance in ambassador participation. Some ambassadors may choose to contribute solely online, while others may focus on hosting in-person events in their local communities. We acknowledge that each individual has their own preferred way of showing support, so eligibility and rewards will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, tailored to each ambassador’s efforts.

If you’re a community member or developer looking to get involved, stay tuned for more details on Phase 2 of the Ambassador Program.

Why an Ambassador Program?

The Arbitrum community has been dedicated to scaling Ethereum, its dApps, and its values. Arbitrum has emerged as the most adopted Ethereum-based scaling solution because of all the amazing builders, users, and enthusiasts who have believed in it since day 1. So now, with the recent formation of the Arbitrum Foundation, we can set our sights on the next step in scaling Arbitrum globally with the launch of the Arbitrum Ambassador Program.

The Arbitrum Ambassador Program is being formed to enable community members to represent Arbitrum in their regions. The program will strengthen the connection between the broader community and the Arbitrum Foundation by empowering individuals to make a positive impact in their local communities. This will allow you to make a difference in one of the biggest ecosystems in Web3.

We’re extremely excited to enter this next chapter of community contribution to Arbitrum and we look forward to helping expand the Arbitrum community to the next million users!

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