Community Hub

Welcome to the Community Hub - Arbitrum DAO's first attempt at creating a truly collaborative and engaging environment for its community. Here, members come together to share ideas, discuss innovations, and contribute to the growth of the ecosystem. With a focus on decentralization and inclusivity, the hub aims to foster meaningful connections and empower every member to play a part in shaping the future of Arbitrum DAO and web3 technologies. Join this vibrant and collaborative community where everyone's voice is valued and heard.

What’s in for You?

Welcome to the Community Hub, the epicenter of community engagement. Connect with global Arbitrum DAO Ambassadors, explore collaboration opportunities, contribute to creating more educational resources, discover upcoming events, and explore job opportunities. Join us on this exciting journey!



Delve into the vibrant realm of the Arbitrum DAO Ambassadors Program, a hub of empowerment and collaboration. As an ambassador, you gain exclusive access to a wealth of benefits, including the opportunity to host engaging events, share valuable insights, and actively contribute to the dynamic community. Join in to foster meaningful connections and driving innovation forward. Whether you're leading local meetups, creating compelling content, or expanding your network, the Arbitrum DAO Ambassadors Program offers a platform for growth and impact.Join in on this exciting journey!

How to contribute